Expert Exports® LLC

Expert Exports® is an export sales agency that promotes US specialty baby gift, toy and back to school brands to international distributors and retailers that import directly from the USA or place FOB China orders.

The US based suppliers that I work with offer high quality products that enhance family life. These brands are innovative, enjoyable and well designed. The key to successful export development in many markets is establishing distributors that have a successful presence with local retailers. In some countries the distributor mark up results in final consumer prices that are too expensive to sell in retail stores. Selling directly to retailers in those markets makes the supplier's brand competitive at the consumer level. 

Expert Exports®  identifies and develops distributor and retailer accounts in countries designated by its suppliers. I am the Export Account Manager for my suppliers and I manage the overseas account relationships to create strong communication and repeat orders. I also provide export sales consulting to my suppliers on a wide range of topics such as pricing, marketing, product attributes, testing, packing, labelling, export documentation, customs classification and more.

Expert Exports®  also offers convenience, cost savings and expertise to international distributors and retailers. I offer a single point of contact to manage communication with multiple US suppliers simultaneously. 

  • Services for US Companies Exporting Overseas

    Qualify and prioritize international sales leads
    Develop overseas distributor and retailer accounts
    Formulate international pricing and payment policies
    Meet foreign content, labeling and packaging requirements
    Address international shipping and customs documentation
    Provide export sales training
    Organize international trade shows


  • Services for Overseas Buyers Importing from the USA

    Identify and evaluate prospective US suppliers
    Develop and support supplier relationships
    Negotiate pricing and payment terms
    Review content, labeling and packaging requirements
    Address international shipping and customs documentation

Fifteen years of experience in international business development.